sábado, 30 de mayo de 2015

Scientific reveals that size are extraterrestrials

Aliens in movies are always shown as small creatures, but in reality could be much larger.

The scientific Fergus Simpson University of Barcelona, ​​calculated the minimum size required for that to exist intelligent life on other planets to survive.

According to his calculations, the aliens would have to weigh and measure the equivalent of a medium polar bear 650 lbs y 6 a 8 pies (300 kilograms y 2 a 2.5 metros) or more.

The expert came to this conclusion by applying a mathematical formula, assuming that aliens obey the same laws of conservation of animals on Earth.

Simpson calculations were achieved based on the minimum size necessary for life outside our planet can be made.

Therefore, throughout the universe, such as Earth, is likely smaller than large animals, says Simpson, since the number of planets inhabited by relatively small animals outnumber the number of worlds dominated large, chances are that we are on a planet with relatively small animals-and ourselves, probably one of the smallest intelligent beings.

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